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Cody “The Kid” Quagliato get Flathead Champ Money Race Win. Results from Friday, July 20

July 24, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig Results
Another exciting night at The Ville produced great racing with wheel to wheel excitement at the 1/8 mile Bullring. The drivers geared up for a tough night of racing with intense competition. Seventy-three entries of cars and an awesome crowd of spectators made up the fun evening of racing with many new faces joining the family. The evening also highlighted a $200 to win Sr. Flathead Champ Money Race and in his 4th start in the Flathead Champs, Cody “The Kid” Quagliato found himself in Victory Lane and $200 richer against a tough field of drivers! We want to thank everyone that came out to Snydersville and joined us, we hope you make the return soon to The Ville. Here is the results from Friday, July 20.
Sr. Flathead Champ Money Race
1. Cody Quagliato
2. Alex Arndt
3. Alex Kolonics
4. Trent Brewbaker
5. John Hoffman
6. Jeff Shire Jr.
7. John Martinsky
8. Chris Hendershot
9. Austin Stout
10. Chris Melchor
11. Mike Barone
12. Kenny Maconeghy
13. Jeffery Fassl
DQ- John Martinsky Sr.
Kid Karts
1. Wyatt Fink
2. Craig Sprague
3. Mason Jenkin
4. Wyatt Yetter
Jr. Sportsman Champ
1. Brandon Walsh
2. Griffin Hendershot
3. Cadence Freeman
4. Michael Beckett
5. Ian McGuire
6. Tre Mammana
7. Xavier Sprague
AllStar Slingshots
1. Marc Daniels
2. Kasey Hufcut
3. Mason Pittinger
Sr. Flathead Champ
1. John Hoffman
2. Bob Wilson
3. Jeff Shire
4. Mike Barone
5. Cody Quagliato
6. Austin Stout
7. Kenny Maconeghy
8. Chris Hendershot
9. Jeffrey Fassl
10. Alex Arndt
11. John Martinsky
DNS- Ashleigh Fogel
Briggs Stock Light
1. Matthew Rodenbach
2. Dylan Lippincott
3. Austin Haney
4. Austin Rutkowski
5. Blaze Croop
Sr. Clone Heavy
1. Teddy Reed
2. Jason Wolfe
3. Dylan Lippincott
Beginner Quarter Midgets
1. Lakota Vivona
2. Wyatt Yetter
3. Levi Vivona
Jr. Restricted Champ
1. Jose Weibel
Jr. Sportsman
1. Austin Sieberg
2. Griffin Hendershot
3. Cadence Freeman
4. Eric Lieb
5. Stephen Laubach
6. Donald Kohler
Briggs Stock Heavy
1. John Wolfe
2. Michael Kormann
3. Matthew Rodenbach
4. Brandon Cochran
5. Butch Fogel
6. Rich Whitman
Briggs Super Heavy
1. Tyler Dilts
Microstock Animal 206
1. Tom Arntz
2. Steven Frindt
3. Timothy Flyte
4. Eddie Geiger, Jr.
5. Dillion Emmons
6. Roger Snyder
Jr. Slingshots
1. Kasey Hufcut
2. Tucker Cole
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