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Pocono Shootout Weekend Results

June 19, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig News, Results
The Pocono Shootout Weekend is one for the history books as it produced some of the most highly competitive and exciting divisions of racing at the 1/8 mile Bullring. Many new and familiar faces joined us to make up a weekend entry count of 178 entries total with strong division counts in all the classes including the Wing Champ Racing Series, The PA Wing Outlaw Karts, and The Empire Unlimited All Stars. Along with that the drivers showed that records could be broken, shattering 6 existing fastest lap records and setting 3 new records over the 2 Day Weekend. It was a great weekend with lots of excitement and fun! On behalf of the Promoters and Staff we want to Thank Everyone for coming out and supporting the event and track. It is much appreciated and we hope you make the return soon to Snydersville Raceway. Here is the results from the Pocono Shootout Weekend:
Kid Karts:
1. Mason Jenkin
AllStar Slingshots:
1. Dillion Emmons
2. Greg Zellman
3. Jasper Zeigenfuse
4. Jason Kraycirik
Novice ¼ Midgets:
1. Brianna Snyder
Sr. Flathead Champ:
1. Jack O’Connor
2. Bob Wilson
3. John Martinsky
4. Chris Hendershot
5. Kenny Maconeghy
6. Jeff Shire, Jr.
7. Mike Barone
Jr. Slingshots:
1. Aidan Donaldson
2. Wyatt Taschler
3. Tucker Cole
Briggs Stock Heavy:
1. Garrett Krome
2. Mitch O’Connor
3. Matthew Rodenbach
4. Rich Whitman
5. Zach Evans
Jr. Sportsman Champs:
1. Cadence Freeman
2. Brandon Walsh
3. Justin Teresak
4. Griffin Hendershot
5. Tre Mammana
6. Michael Sinagra
Wing Champ Prelude to the Shootout:
1. Doug Grimaldi
2. Steve Rothwen
3. Bob Rhinehardt
4. Josh Ostrander
5. Casey Steinhoff
6. Hunter Smith
Microstock Animal 206:
1. Tom Arntz
2. Dillion Emmons
3. Bob Wilson
4. Timothy Flyte
5. Eddie Geiger Jr.
6. Matt Gyurkovics
7. Al Vanhart
8. Cale Van Noordt
9. Matt Ackerman
10. Steven Frindt
Jr. Sportsman:
1. Cadence Freeman
2. Griffin Hendershot
3. Eric Lieb
4. Stephen Laubach
5. Cristofer Buehl
Briggs Stock Light:
1. Matthew Rodenbach
2. Blaze Croop
3. Bobby Smith
4. Austin Haney
Clone Heavy:
1. Eric Freeman
Adrenaline Rush Young Guns:
1. Timmy Wilmot
2. Jenna Conley
3. Autum Todd
Sr. Animal Champs:
1. JJ Pacovich
2. Casey Steinhoff
3. Alex Kolonics
4. Tucker O’Connor
5. Troy Snyder
6. Brandyn Burkholder
7. Bryan Sharp
8. Jeff Shire Jr.
DNS- Ben Demott
Kid Karts:
1. Mason Jenkin
Jr. Sportsman Champ (Sponsored by Precision Construction)
1. Chris Crane Jr.
2. Griffin Hendershot
3. Justin Teresak
4. Cristofer Buehl
5. Jayce Brown
6. Michael Sinagra
Future Wing Stars:
1. Connor Crane
2. Franky Twing Jr.
3. Lucas Duncan
4. Braxton Martin
Wing Champ Shootout (O’Connor Automotive 30):
1. Jeremiah Wagner
2. Mike Guiffre
3. Ryan Edwards
4. Tucker O’Connor
5. Mitch O’Connor
6. Brian Nelson
7. Doug Grimaldi
8. Courtney Crews
9. Josh Persse
10. Josh Ostrander
11. Alex Kolonics
12. Bob Rhinehardt
13. Jeff Swartz
14. Luke Rakoske
15. David Herrick III
16. Blaine King
17. Michael Allery
18. Steve Rethwein
19. David Herrick
DQ- Eric Freeman
Jr. Sportsman:
1. Chris Crane Jr.
2. Griffin Hendershot
3. Jayce Brown
4. Eric Lieb
5. Franky Twing Jr.
DNS- Jimmy Horner
Briggs Stock Heavy:
1. Jeremy Tuttle
2. Mike Guiffre
3. Casey Steinhoff
4. Trevor Teats
5. Jason Wolfe
6. Joshua Ostrander
7. Brandon Cochran
8. Michael Kormann
9. Brandyn Burkholder
10. Scott Thomas
11. Joseph Pacovich
DNS- Nick Story
Microstock Animal 206:
1. Tom Arntz
2. Timothy Flyte
3. Matt Gyurkovics
4. Dillon Emmons
5. Eddie Geiger Jr.
6. Matt Ackerman
Empire Unlimited All Stars:
1. Eric Grice
2. Steve Windle Jr.
3. Ben Taft
4. Brett Mesler
DNS- Jeff Drugan
PA Wing Outlaw Karts:
1. Richardy Cisney
2. Tom Arntz
3. Justin Care
4. Ethan Pellman
5. Jeff Metzger
6. Dave Rupert
7. Russ Ludwig Jr.
8. Russ Ludwig III
9. Jeff Ludwig
10. Tanner Brown
11. Bryan Care
12. Cliff Loss
DNS- John Lobach
Briggs Super Heavy:
1. Jason Wolfe
2. John Wolfe
3. Dave Fetterman
4. Mitch O’Connor
Sr. Animal Champ:
1. Alex Kolonics
2. Brandyn Burkholder
3. Casey Steinhoff
4. Bob Rhinehardt
5. JJ Pacovich
6. Tucker O’Connor
7. Jeff Shire Jr.
Sr. Clone Heavy:
1. Trevor Teats
2. Casey Steinhoff
3. Eric Freeman
4. Ron Ehrhardt
5. Bobby Smith
DNS- Nick Story
Adrenaline Rush Racing Young Gun Sportsmans:
1. Chris Crane Jr.
Adrenaline Rush Racing Young Guns:
1. Autum Todd
2. Kristen Swartz
3. Timmy Wilmot
DNS- Jenna Conley
Sr. Flathead Champ:
1. JJ Pacovich
2. Chris Kraemer
3. Randy Ehrhardt
4. Jack O’Connor
5. Chris Hendershot
6. John Martinsky Sr.
7. Kenny Maconeghy
DNS- Jeff Shire Jr.
New Lap Records Set:
OVERALL TRACK RECORD: Steve Windle Jr. [Unlimited All Stars] @ 10.460sec – 43.265MPH
Briggs Stock Heavy- Jeremy Tuttle @ 11.191sec – 40.439MPH
Jr. Sportsman Champ- Justin Teresak @ 11.833sec – 38.245MPH
Sr. Animal Champ- Casey Steinhoff @ 11.452sec – 39.518MPH
Sr. Flathead Champ- JJ Pacovich @ 11.579sec – 39.084MPH
Wing Champs- Jeremiah Wagner @ 11.402sec – 39.691MPH
Future Wing Stars- Connor Crane @ 12.327sec – 36.710MPH
ARR Young Gun Sportsmans- Chris Crane @ 12.434sec – 36.394MPH
ARR Young Guns- Jenna Conley @ 12.120sec – 37.337MPH
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Jared Silfee and Shelby McLaughlin Dominate Slingshot Tour Races! Results from Friday, June 8

June 11, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig News, Results

A summer like evening made for exciting racing at Bullring of the Poconos and many drivers descended upon Snydersville Raceway. The 2018 SlingFest presented by R.G. Hoffman Electrical Contractors highlighted a $500 to win AllStar Slingshot National Tour Race and a $350 to win Jr. Slingshot National Tour Race with many of the Slingshots best drivers duking it out on the 1/8 mile raceway. Along with that we also had a complete Regular Show of Karts, Champs, Microstocks, and Quarter Midgets to fill the bucket of fun at The Ville.

The AllStar Slingshots came in full swing with 13 Tour Racers and Snydersville Veterans taking to the tricky flat track. The 35-Lap Feature proved who had the best setup as the track dynamically changing over the course of the race. Stroudsburg’s own Jared Silfee knew how to make the S&S Speedway’s #55 work around the tight bullring but multi-time National Champion Brett Bieber and Snydersville Pro Dillon Emmons kept the pressure on Silfee. However it wasn’t enought for the young gun and Jared Silfee took home a back to back SlingFest Win in the AllStars. With the win came $500, the tour point lead and a guaranteed starting spot for Tricky Triangle Challenge at Pocono Raceway. 2017 National Slingshot Champion Brett Bieber came out with a solid 2nd place finish over 2017 Snydersville Slingshot Champion Dillon Emmons rounding out the top 3. Snydersville Veteran Kyle Herve worked his way through the field to bring a 4th place finish and Snydersville past-champion Greg Zellman rounded out the top five. 6th- Matt Mertz, 7th- James Benz, 8th- CJ Fritz, 9th- Emily Fleming, 10th- Andrew Turpin, 11th- John Turnure, 12th- Jasper Zeigafuse, DNS- Tanner Jones.

The Jr. Slingshot drivers showed amazing talent as 12 young guns piloted around the bullring in the 25-lap main. Kasey Hufcut figured out the bullring quickly and was able to snag the pole position through the qualifying and heats, and led the field to the green. Hufcut had a decent advantage early on but it wouldn’t last long 2017 Jr. Slingshot Tour Champion “Lil Miss” Shelby McLaughlin was on the hunt for the lead. McLaughlin having started her racing career at the Ville knew that lap traffic was her only chance to snag the lead away. With a little over half the race, Hufcut would be held up by a lapped car and McLaughlin went to bottom of Hufcut as they entered into Turn 1 and was able to grab the race lead. Shelby McLaughlin remained focused and pulled away from the field and the Stroudsburg native drove home to another victory at her old stomping grounds beating out a highly competitive field. “TVD” Tanner VanDoren, who won the race last year, struggled early on but pulled off a killer move on the restart to take home a second place finish. Snydersville Regular Brian Smith rounded out the top three in the tour with Tyler Ulsh bringing home a fourth place finish, and rounding out the top five after leading half the race and getting quick was Kasey Hufcut. 6th- Aidan Donaldson,  7th- Wyatt Taschler, 8th- Paulie Hartwig III, 9th- Kenzie Adams, 10th- Jacob Taylor, 11th- Tucker Cole, 12th- Micah Adams.

Paul Hartwig III grabbed the Kid Kart win over teammate Craig Sprague Jr., taking a second place finish. Wyatt Troyer Fink mixed it up with the front two but fell short to take home third place, and Mason Jenkin rounded out the field in fourth.

After a couple rough races previously Cristofer Buehl piloted his Jr. Sportsman Champ to victory lane. Griffin Hendershot pulled off a slick move from 4th to 2nd and held onto that position to finish runner up to Buehl. Brandon Walsh, after missing a couple weeks, brought home a top three finish over Division Champion Cadence Freeman who rounded out in fourth, and Xavier Sprague struggled in this race, finished in fifth. 6th- Tre Mammana.

Matthew Rodenbach narrowly beat out Blaze Croop for the Briggs Stock Light win, in a photo finished with a margin of victory of one one-thousandth of a second (0.001), making it the closest finish in the history of Snydersville Raceway. Blaze Croop took home the second place finish and Bobby Smith rounded out the top three in third.

Cadence Freeman continues to dominate the Jr. Sportsman class as she picked up her fifth win of the season. Griffin Hendershot remained consistent and took home another second place finish on the evening. Cristofer Buehl while still getting acclimated to the flat kart, showed a lot more speed and kept up with the leaders to bring home a third place finish. Eric Lieb continues to improve week after week and took home a fourth place finish.

Matthew Rodenbach picked up another win in the Briggs Stock Heavy class over Michael Korman who kept the pressure on Rodenbach to take home a close second place finish. Brandon Cochran also joined in the mix up front but ran out of laps finishing in third, and Rich Whitman rounded the field finishing a close fourth.

The Microstocks put on an exciting race which saw Efforts own Tom Arntz pocket his second win on the season over Microstock Veteran Roger Snyder who nipped at the heals of Arntz the whole race, bringing home a solid second place finish. Charlie Shaver struggling to find the speed in his kart, managed to bring home a top three finish. Heat Race Winner, Timothy Flyte, struggled on the start but raced his way back to a fourth place finish. Rounding out the top five in the Microstocks was Crazy Eddie Geiger. 6th- Dillon Emmons, 7th- Al Vanhart

Billy Proctor continues to dominate the Sr. Animal Champs pocketing another win over young gun Ben Demott making his debut start in the class.

Chris Kraemer, coming from a background of pavement racing, can add dirt racing to his resume, as Kraemer put on a dominating performance in the Sr. Flathead Champ division taking home the win. John Martinsky Sr. who led the whole race and looking for another win on the season, wasn’t able to hold off Kraemer to finish in second. Jeffery Shire Jr. made his return back to Snydersville for the summer rallied up to a solid third place finish. John Martinsky Jr. worked his way from the back to take forth, and Chris Hendershot struggled on speed but took home a top five. 6th- Paul Valent, 7th- Kenny Maconeghy.

Wyatt Yetter brought home the win in the Beginner Quarter Midgets over Lakota Vivona, finishing in second, and Levi Vivona, rounding the field out in third.

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Jason Wolfe pockets $150 in Lights Money Race! Race Results from Friday, June 1

June 2, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig News, Results

The racing action sure didn’t disappoint last night as the track, racers, and fans would beat mother nature to squeak another week of racing into the books. The track also had a special treat last night with a special appearance by NASCAR xFinity Driver Spencer Boyd and his crew. Even with a lighter than normal kart count of forty-four entries, the racers put on exciting wheel to wheel action in each of the nine class for the eager fans of Snydersville Raceway. Here are the results from this Friday.

Snydersville Veteran Jason Wolfe dominated the Briggs Stock Light Money Race but not without pressure from the young gun Alex Kolonics looking to continue his money race winning streak. The two would battle it out with Wolfe getting constant pressure from Kolonics and after multiple attempts to get the lead, it wouldn’t be enough to get by and Jason Wolfe pocketed the $150 and added another win to his book. Alex Kolonics came home in a close second place, Bobby Smith rounded out the podium in third, and Brandon Cochran finished in fourth. DNS- Justin Morgan, Paul Morgan Jr.

Mason Jenkin took home the win in the Kid Karts. (more…)

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Race Results from Friday, May 11, 2018

May 14, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig Results
It was a great night of racing and filled with good clean racing action in all the classes. A total of 68 entries came out to race in the Pocono’s and we want to thank everyone for coming out to Snydersville. Check out the results from the exciting night:
Kid Karts:
1. Wyatt Yetter
2. Mason Jenkin
3. Wyatt Fink
4. Craig Sprague Jr.
Sr. Animal Champ:
1. Troy Snyder
2. Ben Demott
Jr. Sportsman:
1. Cadence Freeman
2. Griffin Hendershot


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Wolfe & Pacovich take Money Race Wins – Race Results from Friday, April 13

April 17, 2018 by Jayne Kuehner News, Results

A summer like day descended on the bullring of the Poconos with sun and temperatures reaching eighty degrees to make for perfect racing conditions. With picture perfect, seventy entries of eager racers filled the pit area and spectators packed the stands of Snydersville Raceway. The racing was second to none with lot of great battles and hard-fought wins. Here are this week’s results:

A stout field of Kid Karts started the night off for the feature races. Craig Sprague Jr. the pole sitter took the green flag from Mr. Starter Bob Stull with Wyatt Yetter in second. However, Yetter would spin out and hit the tire in turn two bringing out the first caution of the feature. The Green Flag came out and the future stars put the pedal to the metal. Laps ticked away but many more cautions plagued the race as the drivers tried to learn how to get around the bullring. Checkered would fall and the winner of the first feature race of the evening was Craig Sprague Jr., followed by Wyatt Yetter finishing second, Wyatt Fink rounded out third and Jackson Shrewsburg rounded the field out in fourth.

One of the headline events of the night was a $200 to win Sr. Clone Heavy Money Race. (more…)

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Opening Night Race Results – March 30, 2018

April 2, 2018 by Jayne Kuehner News, Results

A gloomy and wet Good Friday didn’t hold back the racers and management from opening for the 2018 season. After putting many hours into the track, a slick and moist surface made for exciting racing from the first green flag to the final checkered flag. Forty-eight entries of racers came out no matter the weather to get the racing itch cured.

Two young racers made their racing debut at Snydersville both at the age of 5. In practice, they had some confusion on which way to drive on the track, but they figured it out and began their first season well. Wyatt Troyer Fink took the pole position in the Kid Kart feature followed by Jackson Shrewsburg. This was the first feature race for the two competitors in their young racing career. They had an exciting first feature for the rookies as they ran 12 laps around the bullring. Fink lead much of the race but suffered a motor issue which cause him to give up the lead and win to Jackson Shrewsburg. Wyatt Troyer Fink took home second. (more…)

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