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March 30, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News, Results

The Season Opener would go off with a bang at Snydersville Raceway as racers filed in the pits like a conga line ready to ring in the 2019 racing season! 92 Entries of racers from all over joined in the racing on the gorgeous Spring Day. This created some stout fields of classes with racing action that was nothing short of exciting from the first green flag to final checkered. With one week officially in the books, its time to start chasing the 2019 Division Championships in all classes and we will be switching over to Friday Nights. We want to thank everyone for coming out (both Racers and Fans) and spending this beautiful day at Snydersville and we hope you make the return next Friday for a Regular Show of All Classes plus the Briggs Stock Heavy class will be duking it out for $200 to win. Here is the results:

Sr. 206 Champ

  1. Matthew Rodenbach
  2. John LaRue

Kid Karts

  1. Wyatt Fink

Sr. Flathead Champ

  1. Alex Arndt
  2. Cadence Freeman
  3. Matthew Rodenbach
  4. Buddy Meier
  5. Michael Kormann
  6. Shawn Troxel
  7. Mike Barone
  8. John Martinsky
  9. Ken Maconeghy, Jr.
  10. Mark Iasail
  11. Kenny Maconeghy III – DNF
  12. Bryan Sharp – DNF
  13. Bob Wilson -DNS

Sr. Animal Champ

  1. Andrew Maurer
  2. Lew Everett
  3. Buddy Lord
  4. John Schantz
  5. Bob Wilson – DNS

Jr. Sportsman Champ

  1. Brandon Walsh
  2. Justin Teresak
  3. Ian McGuire
  4. Jayce Brown
  5. Michael Sinagra
  6. Dillion Beadle
  7. Dylan Hahn
  8. Wyatt Fink
  9. Mason Jenkin
  10. Shannon Eby – DNS
  11. Griffin Hendershot – DNS

Briggs Stock Light

  1. Richie Spaide
  2. Blaze Croop
  3. Albert Pignoli
  4. Cadence Freeman
  5. Chris Melchor
  6. Mike Pollack
  7. Ashley Pignoli
  8. Brandon Takas
  9. Jordan Sonka
  10. Dylan LaBar – DNF

Jr. Restricted Champ

  1. Gunnar Zeiner
  2. John Maurer
  3. Nick Pollack
  4. Samantha Martinsky

Jr. Sportsman

  1. Anthony Rhein
  2. Eric Lieb

Jr. Restricted

  1. George Albright II

Microstock Animal 206

  1. Cale Van Noordt
  2. Matt Gyurkovics
  3. Dillion Emmons
  4. Eddie Geiger, Jr.
  5. Tom Arntz
  6. Timothy Flyte
  7. Andrew Acerra
  8. Steven Frindt

Jr. Microstock

  1. Isaiah Flyte

Jr. Slingshots

  1. Kasey Hufcut
  2. Charlene Benz
  3. Tucker Cole
  4. Zack Cox
  5. Talan Carter – DNF

Honda 120 Quarter Midgets

  1. Robert Applegate
  2. Lukas Applegate

Honda 160 Quarter Midgets

  1. Dakota Warnken

Briggs Stock Heavy

  1. Richie Spaide
  2. Albert Pignoli
  3. Eric Freeman
  4. Mike Pollack
  5. Robert Fink
  6. Dale Shoemaker
  7. Dave Fetterman
  8. Dean Kline
  9. Devon Nethercott
  10. Ashley Pignoli

AllStar Slingshots

  1. Dillon Emmons
  2. Matt Mertz
  3. James Benz
  4. Jim Conroy
  5. Greg Zellman
  6. Andrew Turpin
  7. Brian Smith
  8. Tanner Van Doren
  9. Tomas Mowery
  10. Riley Hummel
  11. Mark Mohr
  12. Zachery Steffey
  13. James Mohr
  14. Glenn Hoffman, Jr.
  15. Jeremey Hoffman
  16. Shawn Mowery – DNF
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The DE-ICER: Season Opener set for Saturday, March 30

March 24, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News

The 2019 Season is ready to get underway as The De-Icer rings in the racing at Snydersville Raceway. A large field of Karts, Champs, Microstocks, and Slingshots are ready to pack the track with some dirt slinging action around the 1/8 mile Bullring! 2 rounds of Practice, Heats, and Features with Regular Payout and No Points are slated for Saturday’s action with the Gates opening at 10am, Drivers Meeting at 11:50am, Practice at 12:15pm, and Racing at 2pm. Come on out everyone and join us for and Action Packed Day of Racing in the Pocono’s to ring in the 2019 Season! See you all at THE VILLE!

Upcoming Events:
• Saturday, March 30: THE DE-ICER! Regular Show Format (Heats & Feature) WITH PAYOUT. No Points
• Friday, April 5: Regular Show (Start of Points) plus a $200 to win Briggs Stock Heavy Money Race
• Friday, April 12: Invert Night! Regular Show plus a $200 to win Sr. Clone Money Race

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Track Prep and Cleanup a Success

March 24, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News

I want to take a moment and THANK everyone that participated in the clean up today and this weekend! We are truly blessed for everyone that helped out and glad to have a great Racing Family! And to have 40 plus people help out the whole weekend is AWESOME to see! We also had an unexpected visit from WNEP!!! With that being said we are ready for the Season Opener on March 30. Here is the list of people that helped out the whole weekend:
-Randy Delp
-Archie Craig
-Ed Stout
-John Martinsky Sr. & John Martinsky Jr.
-Stretch Wanamaker
-Chris Melchor
-Ray Flyte
-Ryan Brennan
-Bob Emmons & Dylan Emmons
-Tom Arntz
-Todd & Tim Flyte
-Sharon & Griffin Hendershot & Josh
-Roy Hathaway
-Rick Shive
-Zak Cox and Friend
-The Laubach’s (2)
-Charlie Rodenbach
-The Hahn’s (3)
-The Lieb’s (2)
-Larry & Jayce Brown
-Kurt & Ian McGuire
-Mike Reily & Chantelle Lutz
-Jayne Kuehner
-Edgar, Eddie, & Kerri Sue Geiger
-Maryann Boyko
-Steve, Terri, Garrett, and Allison Krome

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2019 Track Cleanup set for Sunday, March 24 + 2019 Reserve Parking

March 16, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News

After being announced at the meeting for the possibility of a Track Cleanup date we have decided to set that date for Sunday, March 24 (Weather Permitting) starting at 10am (possible it could change). With the snow melted off the track and not being muddy we are looking good for the track cleanup day. We are asking for volunteers (of any age) to come help out for a few hours to paint walls and tires, cleanup the property, and help straighten up before our season opener on the 30th. Rakes, Shovels, gloves, maybe a paint brush or two, and an extra leaf blower will be needed. We will supply all the paint, rollers to paint the wall and few brushes for touch up. If you wish to help please contact Alex at 610-762-0898 to inform the amount of people coming to help. If there any tools that you may think will help the process (or speed up), let Alex know as well. Thank you in advanced for the help.

Don’t forget to get your 2019 Pit Spot Reserved as they are going fast!!! For $75 you get a reserved spot plus 2 FREE GRANDSTAND PASSES WEEKLY for all events at Snydersville. If you have a spot from 2018 you have 2 race weeks to renew your spot. To purchase a spot please contact the office at 610-381-3787 or call Alex at 610-762-0898.

The countdown is on as 14 days from now the cars will be hitting the track on Saturday, March 30 for The De-Icer! The De-Icer will feature all classes with 2 Rounds of Practice, Heat Races and Features. There will be normal payout with No Points. So come on out and join us for another exciting season at Snydersville Raceway!!!

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The 2019 Season Schedule is Released

February 16, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News

The 2019 Snydersville Raceway Season Preview is available for your viewing pleasure! Download or Print your copy today! Link to schedule:

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2019 Snydersville Raceway Rules Meeting set for Saturday, February 23 at Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Company!

January 15, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News
2019 Snydersville Raceway Rules Meeting set for Saturday, February 23 at 11am at The Kunkletown Fire Company!
KNOW THE RULES! Come one, come all to the 2019 Rules Meeting for Snydersville Raceway. Our meeting is set for Saturday, February 23 starting at 11am and will be held at Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Company. WE ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO JOIN US AND ALSO BRING QUESTIONS & SUGGESTIONS FOR STAFF TO HEAR YOU THE RACERS! We will also having Parking Reservation Open for 2019 Pit Spots, the price will remain the same at $75 for the season. The spot reservation includes 2 FREE Grandstand Passes Weekly as well. See you all at the Rules Meeting!
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The Snydersville Raceway 2019 Season Preparation is Under Way!

January 12, 2019 by Alex Greenzweig News

With 2019 in full swing, the staff is preparing for the 2019 season as get our season schedule together. We are also looking to secure a rules meeting date to discuss the 2019 rules package along with take any questions, suggestions, and concerns for the 2019 season. So stay tuned everyone for more info in the coming days.

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2018 Snydersville Raceway Awards Banquet set for Saturday, December 8 at Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Company

November 25, 2018 by Alex Greenzweig News

We will ending our 2018 Season with our Championship Awards Banquet! We will be celebrating with Great Food, Great Awards, and Great Stories of the racing season. To Order Tickets please contact us at 610-381-3787. Tickets are $30 for Adults, $25 for Kids (5 to 12), and Free for Kids (4 & Under). RSVP by Friday, November 30. Doors will open at 5pm, Dinner will be at 6pm, and Awards & Raffle to Follow. Here is this years award recipients:

Kid Karts
• #66 Wyatt Troyer Fink
• #10 Mason Jenkins
• #11s Craig Sprague Jr.

Jr. Sportsman
1. #10 Cadence Freeman- 1143pts
2. #95 Jayce Brown- 939pts
3. #17x Griffin Hendershot- 903pts
4. #39x Stephen Laubach- 518pts
5. #37 Eric Lieb- 492pts

Jr. Sportsman Champ
1. #10 Cadence Freeman- 1084pts
2. #11 Griffin Hendershot- 971pts
3. #12 Tre Mammana- 826pts
4. #808 Brandon Walsh- 716pts
5. #39x Xavier Sprague- 670pts
6. #13 Ian McGuire- 539pts
7. #15 Cristofer Buehl- 588pts
8. #78 Justin Teresak- 501pts

Jr. Slingshots
1. #44 Tucker Cole- 881pts
2. #12 Brian Smith- 520pts

AllStar Slingshots
1. #92 Dillon Emmons- 995pts
2. #12k Jason Kraycirik- 561pts
3. #56 Andrew Turpin- 422pts

Briggs Stock Light
1. #11 Matthew Rodenbach- 1017pts
2. #98 Blaze Croop- 864pts
3. #31 Chris Melchor- 445pts

Briggs Stock Heavy
1. #11 Matthew Rodenbach- 953pts
2. #5 Rich Whitman- 698pts

Microstock Animal 206
1. #99 Steven Frindt- 1146pts
2. #17 Tom Arntz- 1067pts
3. #24 Dillon Emmons- 937pts
4. #18k Timothy Flyte- 890pts
5. #75 Matt Ackerman- 696pts
6. #U2 Matt Gyurkovics- 653pts
7. #63 Eddie Geiger Jr.- 634pts
8. #1 Charlie Shaver- 512pts
9. #29J Cale Van Noordt- 380pts

Sr. Flathead Champ
1. #64 Bob Wilson- 1168pts
2. #48 Chris Hendershot- 907pts
3. #14 John Martinsky- 842pts
4. #81x Paul Valent- 538pts
5. #42 Jack O’Connor- 532pts
6. #26 Ashleigh Fogel- 492pts
7. #5 John Martinsky Sr.- 432pts
8. #4 Kenny Maconeghy- 432pts

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  • Upcoming Events:

    • Fri

      Race #1 of Amsoil Short Track Slingshot Tour- $300 to win AllStar Slingshots plus $200 to win Flathead Champs & Regular Show

      7:00 pm@ Snydersville Raceway
    • Fri

      $200 to win Briggs Stock Light, Briggs Stock Heavy, and Sr. Clone plus Regular Show

      7:00 pm@ Snydersville Raceway
    • Fri

      $150 to win Animal Super Heavy plus Powder Puff & Regular Show

      7:00 pm@ Snydersville Raceway

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